Curb Offline Error Message issue through HP Technical support number

If your printer is constantly displaying offline error messages while printing, then you need to understand the specific reason behind it. Such things happen when your printer and computer are not connected properly. We can resolve this issue of your printer through HP Technical Support Number. Our specialist team is well versed with all the technical problems. They can easily deal with all the printer related issues.

Then you can follow these simple steps:


Connectivity Check:  You have to check connectivity between Printer and Computer. Firstly, you should check whether the driver you have installed for your printer is working on MAC and then you should turn on the wireless router. After that keep turns on the printer and connects it with the MAC computer. If you are working on a wireless printer, then you have to check the connection with the Wi-Fi network. The proper network is very essential and ensures that you are choosing the right network.

If your Printer’s lights blinking On\off, then for few second turns it off.

And continue to the next steps for reset your Printer:

You should follow these simple steps:

  •       First of all, disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  •       Then unplug the power cord from the switch.
  •       After a few minutes, you can plug them in again.
  •       Now try to check your printer

Once you go through all the above procedure, make sure you can fix the offline error issue, If the problem persists, then you can take the help of our technical team. Our experts can provide customer friendly service and you keep the full right to call them anytime and anywhere. If you cannot wait for a long time to away from the problem, then you should have to dial our toll-free number. To know more information, you can browse our HP Tech Support web portal.

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